Meat Pie. And History.

I’ve made it clear I am powerless over cooking.but then I found myself asking one of the more engaging Sunday Teatime writers what he would

like this week. “ he said:Meat pie” I wake up. On way to Google recipe I came across the heroic 

historian Gordon Skene’s News Daily : News images from writing a note to Gordon

i tore into a tirade about our age of Hysteria. A

sort of lift off from Decadence which preludes

empires’ FALL. Liking the piece as posted somewhere  on palm-sized manic go- phone, there’s a somber tirade I rather like. So now

that Facebook seems hung up on selfies I thought

i’d Turn to “blog” spaced here by well meaningwriter/ Ass’t.? I DISLIKE “blog” word. 

i respect and honor Gordon’s extraordinary

work. Would that images of WW11  would not stir

residents of DC into ever more evil attacks . The

statues of children headed for death by Hitler could be in time memorials of those torn away 

on our border... 

   these thoughts  ( and curious small font of

”BLOG” page do  not raise my appetite for

anything except writing. I will, because I promised

( and bought stuff) attempt meat pie for Sol. Do

not forget your pages....( no pages , no dinner. 

I DO NOT SERVE SNACKS!!!  Snacks to food are

like shortcut nicknames to women ( and men)