Nightmares about being abandoned — the conflict
Between being informed, aware, having some truth to tell and no power to go 
Be heard. That’s me , too, yes -at 82,having nightmares about what
Happened 54 years ago, wrote it into
A book— put the story away. Reread
It last week — nightmares. Yes. But I
Can just “go find out how to tell it
Again”. Get it out of my soul. Then I
Think of the millions of women around
The whole world who can’t dare to tell.
I’m scared for granddaughters to find
Out — what about , in so many cultures, where women will be killed, shut out
From families, ( or have “sex” silenced
At birth!) ? Where do they go to share,to be held, to ease the shame ( that’s still
There) ? America feels like the worst
Right now, evil clown as Prez., we’re
Laughing stock of world , but bombast
Has so often ruled the day!!! There’s
So many brave , smart , determined
Women running for office , not to
Mention our current Leader, Sen.
Feinstein, (should be Dem. candidate
For Pres.) — this is about nightmare 
I woke up with. YES! But MUCH MORE 
I SEE, about the POWER OF EACH VOTE.!!!! YES, WE COUNT !!! Can
We COUNT ON YOU!!! I love FB:gives
Me a voice!!!