“Robinson is the Whitman of Sunset Boulevard.”



With A Cast Of Thousands

The daughter of MGM's former executive, Dore Schary, tells what it was like to grow up in Hollywood during the Golden Age. Featuring cameos by Howard Hughes, "Lady Jane" Fonda, Richard Burton, young Senator Kennedy, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Loretta Young, Adlai Stevenson, Sinclair Lewis, Van Johnson, Cary Grant, Humprey Bogart and many more!

“Still the definitive account of a certain kind of Hollywood childhood.” (Vanity Fair)



“I stayed up all night reading it, and its ultimate mood of sweet, almost painful happiness stayed with me for days.  It is about two people whose love for each other slowly conquered their hatred for themselves; quite literally it is about the lifesaving and healing power of love.  “Bed/Time/Story” has all the captivating power of a classic . . . one to read and reread.”  (Annie Gottlieb, New York Times Book Review)



“As readers of her harrowing Bed/Time/Story are well aware, Jill Robinson knows how to tell us terrible things in a funny tone of voice. A remarkable, heartbreaking novel . . . just as impressive as the writing in Perdido is the artfulness over the long haul of a novel. . . . How to convey brilliance?  I don’t know, but Jill Robinson does.” (John Leonard, New York Times)



Jill Robinson has a knack for the beautifully constructed sentence. She propelled me through the world of power and privilege, Hollywood style, with the total assurance of one who has been there herself.


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